How to be Optimal


If you think about it, your body is the hardware and you are the user. Your body does what you tell it to do, and functions as well as you maintain it. So, I decided to write a basic care user manual for the human body.


Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Separate your mouth into 4 quadrants, and spend 30 seconds on each, brushing your teeth and gum line with a gentle, rotating motion.

Bonus points: Floss if you are serious about keeping those chompers for a while.


Eat: Nutrient rich fruits and vegetables. Foods as close to a raw and natural state as possible. Grass fed, humanely treated meat.

Don't eat: Processed foods (see: "cheese-flavored sauce"), sugars, artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners, too many wheat products, MSG.

Try to eat on a schedule every day and chew your food thoroughly to make it easy for your guts to process.


Try to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. Even a short walk each day can add years to your life.

Stretch and meditate. Take deep breaths. Set up deliberate time to focus only on the moment.

Have regular, awesome sex.


Get 8 solid hours of sleep a night. Keep your room dark and cool to help you stay asleep.

Go outside!

Start the day by hand-writing 2 pages. Fill them up with anything you like.  I find this helps trap all my cluttered thoughts on paper so I can focus on the present. When I make sure to do this, I have significantly less anxiety throughout the day, and handwriting vs typing makes a big difference.

Find a job that stimulates and satisfies you. Don't settle for anything less.

Kait CopenspireComment