4 Tips to Connect with your Audience on Twitter by Writing Engaging Tweets

For any business, from Pepsi to a small fashion blog, twitter is an indispensable tool for connecting with your audience and thought leaders in your field. Through twitter you can share real time updates with your followers and receive real-time responses. Often, people's reactions on twitter will be unfiltered, and you can get feedback that doesn't pull any punches. You can also reach out to mentors and influential people via twitter. If you manage to get their attention, they can share your content with their followers, which is great exposure for you.

Tip #1 – Be friendly. The most important thing to remember about twitter, is that it's about RELATIONSHIPS. If you shout into a room, don't expect to get a response. Like any networking tool, you have to get out there and shake some hands. Retweet people you admire, encourage others to follow your friends, and reply to tweets that you find interesting or funny. Connect with people, first and foremost, or your tweets will have almost no traction. Find or organize a local tweet-up, and start building relationships in person. These are often the most valuable social media connections you will make, and sometimes grow into great friends.

Tip #2 – Be casual. Your fellow tweeters want to believe there is a real person behind a twitter account, not just a bot sending out links. Don't focus on being too formal or you may alienate your audience. Experiment with the types of language that you think may engage your audience. Don't be afraid of personality! Many cartoonists, such as @JessFink and @EmmyCic will post outrageous drawings and tweets, which absolutely delight their audience.

Tip #3 – Be interesting. No one cares what you had for lunch or what the weather is like. Your followers are passionate about what you do. Respect them and stick to topics that are relevant to your audience. A good example is @SleepNinjaGames, an indie game studio that tweets about development updates and gaming news.

Tip #4 – Be human. Showcase the people and personalities behind your brand. Share your excitement, events, and company characters. Friends and family are likely to retweet and the people behind your brand will feel important to the company culture.

XOXO Kait Copenspire (twitter manager for @MissingPixelInc and @VentureLeap)

Check me out on twitter as @Kaitsauce