Vegan Dank Recipe

Lot's of folks have been asking for this recipe! Here's a quick write up (since I just made some and the recipe was fresh). Pictures to be added eventually.


(to feed a group, or yourself for several days)


2 medium sweet potatoes

3 beets

A bunch of greens (spinach and kale are my favorite)

2 handfuls of mushrooms

1 onion

1 bulb of garlic

1 small can of tomato paste.

+ any other random veggies that might want to get thrown in!


a finger of turmeric

a finger of ginger

salt, pepper, cumin, basil, + any other spices to taste. Experimentation encouraged!

A couple cups of water



I developed this recipe, after seeing a friend make a beet based veggie stir fry. I was working on my health coach certification at the time, and fighting inflammation and fatigue in my own body, so I decided to find a way to incorporate all my medicinal foods (ginger, turmeric, garlic) with all my favorite colorful foods (beets, kale, red onion). I believe in eating a full spectrum of color and found this to be a recipe that allowed for cohesion between lots of different veggies, depending on what's in season.


Step 1. Chop up the tough stuff

Chop up your sweet potatoes and beets.

Chop up your medicinal roots (ginger, turmeric, garlic)

Put a couple scoops of coconut oil in a cast iron pan and slap those babies down to cook.


Step 2. Soften it

Once the roots start to soak up the oil, you can add water whenever you notice that the veggies are starting to stick to the bottom of your cast iron. I recommend adding water and oil, based on your preferences, to keep the mixture moist and moving, so that it doesn't stick or burn.

Then salt the whole mixture and cover it, so that the steam and salt can soften your veggies.


Step 3. Chop up the other stuff

Chop up the rest of your veggies, starting with the onions.

Then chop up your toughest veggies, and add them to the mixture.

The tougher your veggies, the more you want them to break down.

Work your way down the line until you're chopping up the soft stuff.

Save your greens and mushrooms for last, because they are tender and can easily get overcooked and lose some of their nutritional value.


Step 3.5 Keep an eye on it

Just keep incorporating veggies, and adding salt, water, and oil to keep everything moving. By the end of this process you'll have a delicious pasty substance.


Step 4. Add in the rest of your dry spices and scoop the can of tomato paste into the mixture.

I like this dish to be a little sweeter, which is why I add the tomatoes. If you want yours to be less sweet, you can leave it out. But spice to your little hearts content. Experiment and play here. It's really hard to screw this dish up.


Step 4.5 Don't give up.

Just keep stirring, keeping the lid on, and adding stuff to keep the mixture soft and moving. It'll break down to a tasty paste and then you will be ready to CONSUME IT.


Step 5 (optional). TACO TIME

Throw some little corn tortillas on top of your mixture and let the steam soften them up.

Then in another pan, fry yourself up a tasty little farm fresh egg.

Then, if you're really going for it, chop/grate some cheese.

Slap that tortilla down, smear on some vegan dank, top with egg and cheese and enjoy the spoils of your hard earned labor. This dank keeps really well, and can be added to soups or rice bowls. It's super versatile and healthy, so have fun with it.


Enjoy! And let me know how your experiment goes :D

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